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Cine Film Transfer

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8mm cine film was first sold in 1932 so there are some really old films around. That’s a lot of history waiting to be seen. What can you do to preserve old cine films of your children and those relatives who are no longer with us?

It’s simple, send them to us for transfer to DVD. We will transfer your precious cine films to high quality profession Taiyo Yuden DVDs. It is important that you preserve family history for future  generations to see. The Victorians did so with black and white photographs and silent films. It’s now up to us to preserve precious memories.

For a small extra charge we will edit out bad sections and edits. We can also colour correct films.

If you want to send us your films please download the order form, fill it in and return it with your films.

Cine Film  formats we transfer.


Super 8mm

Super 8mm with sound

Standard transfer charges.

3 inch (50 ft)     £15-00

5 inch (200ft)    £35-00

7 inch (500ft)    £47-00

Return postage free.

Please Note:

Due to the age of some film it may be in a very brittle condition. Visions post production take every possible precaution to avoid any damage to your film. However, Visions post production cannot be held responsible for damage that may arise during the transfer process. 

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