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Stock Footage

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We have stock footage available in DV 4x3 and HDV 16x9 from a number of locations around the world.

Rome, Lake Garda, Venice, New York, Boston, New England, Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Guatemala,

The San Blas Islands, Panama Canal, London and many more.

Our prices are very competitive.

Contact us for more information on 44 (0) 20 8656 7183 or email

This DVD is the first in a series of new products from Visions post production. On this disc there are 80 clips all shot in 16:9 ratio HD 1080i. The raw footage has been edited using Apple Final Cut Pro and rendered as Movie files. On the DVD there is also a second folder containing duplicate footage in mpeg4 format.

This DVD is priced at £55 including postage within the UK. For other countries there is a £5 charge for postage.   Stock No 001001


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