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Video Tape Transfer

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Sony Betamax - obsolete

    Philips 1500 - obsolete

        Philips 1700 - obsolete

            Philips 2000 - obsolete

Just some of the video tape formats that are no longer with us.

VHS was introduced into the UK in September 1978. Hard to

believe but that’s over 33 years ago and it is now time to hang up

your VHS and 8mm cassettes for good.

What do you do about keeping precious recordings of your children and those relatives who are no

longer with us?

It’s simple; send them to us for transfer to DVD. We will transfer your recordings to high quality professional Taiyo Yuden DVDs. It is important that you preserve family recordings for future  generations to see. The Victorians did so with black and white photographs. It’s now up to us to preserve precious memories.

The tape formats we transfer.







Digital 8

Mini DV

Mini HDV

Only £15 a tape regardless of playing time.

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